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Creating Language Files for CCFTracker

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In CCFTracker it is possible to create language files in order to display the client in your own language. By default the client comes in 2 languages (English and German). If you want to create your own language file please follow the steps below.

All language files are in XML format.


Once you start CCFTracker it will automatically create a english.xml file in YOUR_INSTALL_PATH/CrazyCreatives/CCFTracker/languages

Make a copy of the english.xml file in the same folder and rename it to your language. For example french.xml

Now in that file you can just translate the values inside the XML nodes from the english ones to your own language.

Attention! Do not change the names of te XML nodes themselfes.


To translate the following line from english to german you would do it as follows.






Important Notes:

All language file names must be in LOWERCASE letters or the client wont recognize it.

Good: english.xml, deutsch.xml, french.xml

Bad: English.xml, deUtsch.xml


Do not make changes to the original english.xml file. Any changes to this file will be overwritten each time the application is launched.

You are free to share your created language files with your pilots so that they can use it in their clients.


If you have created a new language file and want us to include it in the next official release please send your language.xml file to


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