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  1. Great that you got it working. No worries that happens to me as well
  2. I have testet it on that skin on my dev site should work fine as you can see here: Have you added any additional javascript stuff to the skin?
  3. Could you please try to change line 105 in Core/modules/moments/moments.php to $page = 0; and let me know if that fixes it.
  4. Oh and please check for me in phpmyadmin in the moments_settings table what the value of howmanyonfrontpage is set to.
  5. Could you send me the URL to your frontpage please.
  6. I have uploaded a fix for the Screenshot Center because with a certain setting combination the pagination was not showing on the gallery page. This fix solves that issue. The only file changed was the MomentsData.class.php You can download it from your purchase history.
  7. Changelog: Added Pagination to Search results.
  8. Finally testing is completed and i was able to release the new Screenshot Center. Just for Info: I have called it "Moments" to avoid interference with already existing screenshot modules. For product features and purchase please check:
  9. Ok guys i have finally managed to answer all mails and fix the stuff where needed actually. It took a bit longer than expected as there have been several hubdred mails and messages accumulated over the couple of weeks where i havent been online. I have noticed a couple of mails go into my SPAM folder which auto deletes stuff every 7 days so if someone didnt get a reply by now and still has an open issue please send me another message and i‘ll get back to you adap. We have also started testing some of the newer modules and so far few issues habe been identified. so i expect to be able to release at least 1 or 2 modules until end of november.
  10. Hi Thomas, i will get back to you shortly. I had quite a few Mails awaiting me and am currently looking into the issues with the airline map module since there have been a few reports about different things not working anymore.
  11. Hello Guys, I want to apologize to all of you for not being here frequently in the past couple of weeks. As some of you already know shortly after I came back from vacation my company filed for bankruptcy and as a result I had to prepare and travel a lot in the past couple of weeks to attend assessments for new company. Luckily I have already found a new company and had a type conversion course during the past 14 days. This all happened quicker than I had expected and there was a lot of stuff to read and learn so a barely had time for anything. However i‘m now back at home and will assist you with all your issues as quick as possible. And once I have sorted these things I will get back to finishing the next modules. Some of them are almost finished since a couple of months but I never got to complete the work on them so it should go pretty quick if the testing is successful. Once again i‘m very sorry that the progress was so slow this year. It was a pretty chaotic year mostly because of the financial situation of my previous company which made my duty times pretty tight and left me with much less spare time than in previous years but with my new company it should finally become more relaxed again. Now let’s get to working on your issues. Thanks for reading!
  12. You do not seem to be logged in with your correct Pilot ID as it shows as 0000.
  13. I have just uploaded a new version (v 1.4) of the Auto Assign Module. This version includes some minor bug fixes and changed some functions to greatly improve the algorythm for searching flights. Do note that it is still required that all times are inserted in HH:MM format for the module to find them. You can download the new version from your purchase history.
  14. update

    Did you import the sql file that comes with the skin download to your phpvms database in phpmyadmin? And if so make sure that the images folder and its subfolders in lib/skins/crazyskin01 has full read and write permissions in your ftp client.
  15. update

    Thank you I have reuploaded all files to your server now. It looked like you uploaded the templates to a wrong directory. You had them directly in the admin/templates folder but they are supposed to be in the admin/templates/crazyskin01/ so to keep the structure of the folders like in the zip file from my shop intact. Please let me know if it is showing up now in your admin center.