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  1. update

    Hello Jesus, i have uploaded a new version (v1.17) which should fix this issue.
  2. This is just a minor update to the module. Only thing changed was an additional check when a new event has started to see if a notification has already been created and if so dont create another one. This is just an additional check to the already existing one. So if you didnt have issues with mutliple event started notifications you can skip this update.
  3. This is just a minor fix to the Premium Miles module. The only thing changed was that it now uses the server date when adding new mile events. That is to prevent double entries for the daily site visit miles. Only file that needs to be replaced is PremiumMilesData.class.php
  4. This is just a minir patch to the module. Only thing changed was that emails sent from the Hub Administration module will now show the Hub Manager‘s email adress as sender instead of the VA owners.
  5. This is just a minor patch for the screenshot center which adds an additional check to see if a monthly screenshot contest has already been created before it adds a new one. If you dont have any duplicate entries for monthly screenshot contests you can skip this update.
  6. Hello Guys, from today until december 24th all modules and skins in my shop are on sale! To receive -20% discount on all items in your shopping cart please use the following discount code during checkout: XMAS2018CCR This code can be used without limitations as many times as you wish until December 24th. Happy Holidays to everyone of you and thank you for your continued support.
  7. Since some people contacted me to let me know they cannot use PayPal in their countries I have added a bank transfer payment option the the module and skin store. However please note that if you select this payment option you will not be able to instantly download the modules. The download links will only be available once the payment status is changed to completed after the payment is received on my bank account. This can take several days depending on the country you are living in.
  8. Can you post a screenshot of how you entered your VAs URL in the settings please.
  9. update

    I have uploaded a new version to the shop which should adress this issue. This makes it v1.16 now.
  10. update

    Thank you for the logs this is fixed in the new version which will be uploaded tomorrow.
  11. Hi, i think the timeout will come from the module side and not the client side. There wouldn’t be an error in the logs when the problem is caused by the operation just taking too long and your server times out. Without any error messages it’s hard to tell what would be causing this. Is it happening with other clients like kacars as well?
  12. update

    Hm could you please PM me the error logs from the core/logs folder. If you didn’t have Debug Mode enabled please do this first by setting it to true in your local.config.php and then try to add an aircraft before you get the log files.
  13. Hi guys, i have updated the Auto Awards module to v1.01. Added Features: Auto Awards for Total Flight Hour amount (previously only Flight Count) Auto Awards for Flight Hour amount on specific aircraft type (previously only Flight Count) Auto Awards for Flight Count in aircraft fleet (for example total flights in B737, 738 and 739) Auto Awards for Flight Hour amount in aircraft fleet (for example total hours in B737, 738 and 739) Plus some minor bugfixes. Please replace all files except for the files in the core/templates folder. When updating please also import the ccautoawards_Update_only.sql file. DO NOT IMPORT THE OTHER SQL FILE AGAIN. It wont work. You can download it as always from your purchase history.
  14. I have uploaded a small fix for the Fleet Admin module. The only file changed was the AdvancedFleetData.class.php
  15. hotfix

    I have uploaded another small fix to the CCStatisticsData.class.php file which i forgot last time. Its now v1.03.